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Already famous in the international fashion industry, Diane von Furstenberg is the creator of many original and stylish luggage collections. Her lines are available to the large audience not only in stores but also online. The designs are classy and tasteful, but also trendy and practical. There are four different collections of DVF luggage that a woman should choose from and in the following lines you’ll find out what each of them has special.

First, there is the DVF Signature Six Collection which is made of four units. The set comes in two colors, Fuchsia and Pewter and the pieces can be bought separately, too. First piece of the set is a 29 inch expandable rolling suitcase that has two zippered outside pockets, lots of compartments on the inside and three handles: one on the side, on at the top and an expandable one. Second there is the 25 inch expandable rolling suitcase which pretty much has the same features as the first one. The third piece is an expandable rolling carry-on and the last one is a tote bag with leather handles.

Second we have the DVF Ginger Collection that consists of five units. They come in only one color, blue and have just a touch of silver. First piece is a 28 inch expandable suitcase and the second a 25 inch one, both with many interior pockets and compartments and rolling wheels for an easier transportation. The third piece is a 21 inch expandable carry-on that also has wheels and the forth piece is a tote bag. The last piece is a rolling city bag and it’s optional. This looks more like a sport bag and it could be used for short trips.

The third collection is the DVF Giselle and it’s pretty much the same as the Ginger Collection except for the rolling city bag. The four pieces have the same size and features as in the DVF Ginger Collection but the colors are different. Black, tan and orange are the options and each one of them has a band of silver and black.

The fourth and the last of the DVF collections is the Runaway one and it comes in only one color, olive. This collection is a bit different from the others: it has only three suitcases of 29, 26 and 21 inches, all with large compartments, interior pockets and expandable handles. There is also an optional piece: a city bag similar to the one from the Ginger Collection. Either you buy them online or choose to go to a store, keep in mind that beside these four collections Diane von Furstenberg has many other designs you can choose from.

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