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DVF Luggage – Quality Beats The Price

After she became known for her fashion designs and her business spirit, Diane von Furstenberg moved further in her carrier to demonstrate she can do almost anything.

Her luggage collections are now worldwide known and appreciated, not only for their classy but trendy design but also for the great prices. Here you will find information on four of her luggage lines, what features they have, the chromatic choices and where you can find them.

The collection that can be considered the most classical one is the DVF Signature Six one. The set has four pieces and can be purchased in only two different colors: Fuchsia or Pewter. Of the four units, two of them are rolling suitcases, one is a rolling carry-on and the last is a tote bag. The suitcases have 29 and 25 inch and the carry-on has only 21 inch. All three of them present the same features: outside and inside pockets, wheels and expandable handles beside the standard ones.

The second collection you should consider buying is the DVF Ginger one that comes in only one color, blue. This one has to offer five different units, even though one of them is only optional. There are two expandable suitcases of 28 and 25 inch that present the same features, a 21 inch carry-on luggage, that is pretty much the same as the one from the first collection and a tote bag. The optional piece is more of a sport bag, but it’s called a rolling city bag. It can be very useful, especially if you are used to taking shorter trips.

The next collection is the DVF Giselle one. This one has to offer a wider variety of colors than the previous ones. Black, tan or orange, these are your choices. Either way, each of them comes with a silver band that makes the design look very trendy. The pieces are exactly the same as the ones from the previous collection, except for the city bag.

The last but not the least there is the DVF Runaway Collection, which comes only in olive. This one has just three pieces: three suitcases in different sizes, 29, 26 and 21 inch. Moreover, this collection has an optional piece to, the same rolling city bag as the one from the Ginger collection. All the DVF luggage collections can be found either in a few upscale department stores, either online, on different sites. Either way, just remember that in this case quality beats the price.